MFW: I’M Isola Marras


I’M Isola Marras was our second show. The brand was launched in May 2007 by renowned designer Antonio Marras as a way to make your creations more accessible to the public
The collection presented in Milan was inspired by the romanticism overflowing the love letters of the Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky to his muse-inspiring Lilija Brik, which seems to express to Marras the fundamental characteristics of the contemporary woman: multifaceted, talented, bizarre, eccentric, rational and systematic. A femme fatale with a particular fondness for fashion.
The color palette, highlighting the color mauve, saffron yellow, curcumin, sage green, aubergine and lake sky blue, brings figurative elements and abstract, making the parts to dialogue.
The goal, successfully achieved, was to make the clothes express a mechanism of communication, combining the extraordinary and casual. Marras creative personality is manifested in the embroidered simple lines, in colored ribbons, in multicolored and floral patterns, as well as in layers,overlappings and panels, that intertwine in an expressionist atmosphere and evocations of cubist.
I was even impressed with the simplicity and friendliness of the designer, who received me backstage after the show quite enthusiastically, caring and electrical.






Antonio Marras

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