Outfit of the Day: Santa Monica Pier

One of the places I liked the most to know on my last trip was the Santa Monica Pier. It’s super nice and it really reflects the mood we expect from California.

It was the perfect setting to take pictures of the outfit was I wearing that day. Despite the sun, it was cold, that’s why I was wearing pantyhose. As we were going to have lunch in Nobu later and enjoy this place’s beautiful sunset (I’ve already talked about it here), I opted for a more tidy dress.

Let’s go to the pictures!

santamonica00 santamonica11 santamonica22 santamonica33 santamonica44 santamonica55 santamonica77 santamonica88 santamonica99 santamonica1111 santamonica1212

Dress: Forever 21

Boots: Mr. Cat

Handbag: Chanel

Necklace: Bianca Bedran

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