Fashion Trends: Chokers

90s hit, the chokers returned in versions for all tastes and seems that will continue for a while on the necks of celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

Besides the tattoo chokers or simple strips, we can see an invasion of metallic collars or with stones, bringing glamour and luxury to the look.

We can find it in various types of materials, so can be worn in several occasions.

The tattoo chokers are primarily for more uncluttered productions.

The strips can be satin, leather, suede or even velvet (fabric that is super high as we talked about here). They are more sophisticated than the tattoo type and leave more modern a formal production.

The metal choker or with precious stones , brings luxury,and sensuality to the productions.

One tip: add others collar necklaces, but prefer small earrings that don’t have much information, leaving it to the choker.

I separated some types of chokers to inspire us!



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